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deskterioir = desk + interior
The game changer of wireless charger Decorate your desk with stand:on


  • USB Type-C

  • 10W Fast Charging

  • Stand detachable

  • Versatile viewing

  • Special silicon


  • Perfect functionality

    The detachable Charging pad form the metal stand allows to charge your smart device anytime, anywhere.
  • Charge easily, Change easily

    Let you watch videos in landscape orientation, or stand in portrait made for web browsing and facial recognition- all while keeping the power flowing.
  • Whatever you want

    You can use a single device to wirelessly charge your smartphone, wireless earphones and smart watch. According to the type of smart device, it will automatically charge 10w, 7.5w, 2w.

Product specifications

Model Color Input Output Product Composition
WS-STANDA2010 Color Snow White, Charcoal Black, Peach Beige, Hazy Green 9V/1.67Z(MIN) 10W(MAX) USB to C-type Charging Cable, User Guide, Non-Slip Sticker
Weight Interface Manufacturer Country of Manufacture
120g USB TYPE-C WARP Solution Inc. Made in Korea